Reasons Why You Might Get Kicked Off Facebook

Facebook just like any other social site is regulated by strict but very easy to follow user policies. It’s very rare to see or hear that somebody has been restricted access to Facebook, but it happens all the same. Some of our innocent actions put our accounts in jeopardy sometimes leading to total ban. Failing to adhere to Facebook terms of use will definitely provoke the administration to put our accounts offline. From the Facebook principals, statement of rights and responsibilities, anybody who joins the site is governed by their user policy and privacy terms. It also gives guidelines on data use, and how we receive and share information or finding others online.

Here are some of the deadliest reasons which may lead to the shut down of our accounts.

• The minimum age allowed for Facebook users is thirteen years. People lie about their age just to get access, but this is also against the rules and once discovered, your account will no longer be operational.
• Use of fake names or other people’s names, aliases, impersonating or imagined characters is also a good reason to deny you access to your account.
• Other people may prefer having multiple accounts, may be with an intention of separating personal issues and professional ones. This might sound like a good idea but it is technically not allowed.
• Your account should not promote content related to alcohol, illicit drugs, and fire arms, hate speech or violate other people’s intellectual property rights. Pornographic material is also not allowed.
• Forming of illegal pyramid schemes, gambling or any illegal cash generating venture through the site should be a good reason to see you out of the site.
• For application developers, the site directs that they create better user experience that helps diversify their interests. Application developers should not seek to exploit Facebook users’ private information including usernames and passwords. Facebook users’ data can not be transferred to any kind of advertising network be it direct or indirect. Most of the application developers’ rules and regulations fall under the general Facebook user policy.

These are just some of the reasons which often lead to termination of Facebook services. Facebook user policies outline more of what is required of users be it social or commercial. For more information please visit Facebook home page and click on terms. Section number fourteen talks about termination and gives the summary for better understanding.

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