Manage the Calls With Call Management Service Packages

Buy non-geographical numbers and enjoy various free packages that suppliers offer along these numbers. There are various online number suppliers who sell these numbers at very reasonable prices. The basic idea of providing these numbers is to attract and gain customer base.
Due to current economic crisis it is not possible to spend too much on the monthly phone rentals. Cost cutting factor is there but tele-calling is one of the most effective ways of interacting with the customers and a company can not avoid this. Now, the question arises how a company  IT Consultancy London can reduce the phone bills every month. A simple answer to this question is that the bills can be reduced by using non-geographical numbers. These numbers don’t have any area code hence; customer can call from any location and at any point of time. The owner of the company can advertise these numbers through various mediums. One of the best ways of advertising is by placing these numbers on the website. “Call us free” is a strong, positive message that owner leaves on his website.
There are various call management services that are offered by the telecom world to the users. To list a few are:
1. Auto attendant service: The auto attendant service is one way of presenting professionalism of the company. Every customer’s call is treated gracefully.
2. Fax to e-mail package: Fax to e-mail service package allows the fax calls to directly transfer on to the company’s e-mail id.
3. Call routing: Call routing service is an essential service for companies who receive huge number of calls every day. A successful marketing operation is the one which doesn’t miss out any call.
4. Voice mail service: The voice mail service which comes free with NGNs is a wonderful application which allows company to access voicemail message through e-mail or dialling methodology. By using this service a company will never miss any call made by a customer.


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