After Captain Oikawa consigns Sergeant Honma to track down a supposed

A man, whose ID has the name “Shimano Ryousuke”, stirs with amnesia in Marseille, France. He is in a house with Alain, Jean, and Marie, three people from French insurance from German occupation. Right when German warriors incorporate the house, “Shimano” fixes their solitary gun and joker offers it to Marie. He moreover prepares a buildup impact that offers them a chance to move away.

The social affair stop to pick whether “Shimano” can join the resistance and subsequently Marie uncovers she is a German partner since her family was made detainee by the Germans. Shimano endeavors to debilitate her, yet is taken out by Jean, who is moved by his love. Exactly when Shimano stirs, he reviews that he is D-Agency’s Hatano, whose mission was to attack Alain’s social affair. Hatano meets Yuki and is taught he can return to Japan, and reasons Japan will agree with Germany.

After Captain Oikawa consigns Sergeant Honma to track down a supposed government employable inside the Shanghai Military Police, Oikawa’s home is blockaded.

ith solid difference from the Imperial Army, Lieutenant Colonel Yuki builds up the D-Agency, which trains spies for venture into different nations. General base camp’s colonel Muto delegates first lieutenant Sakuma to screen the D-Agency, and orders the relationship to research John Gordon, who is suspected to be an American undercover usable.

Hidden as military police, the course of action spies and Sakuma check the home of Gordon for proof showing that he is in all honesty an organization trained professional. Sakuma’s life is utilized as a pawn by one of different government specialists when the his submitting seppuku is utilized as an overseeing gadget to get inside Gordon’s home. Regardless, it has every one of the reserves of being clear that genuinely Sakuma is being played by his boss and unmistakable government trained professionals and there is no proof partner Gordon to being a covert

The two Blu-pillar circle followed through on July 27, 2016 and September 28, 2016, independently, contained a novel video development each, named Kuroneko Yoru no Bōken.[44][45]



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