Holistic Physician and Family Therapist Shares Astounding Experiences of Healing

In this article, Gabriel      https://psychedelichomes.com/       shares astounding experiences of healing. Gabriel   is a holistic physician, family therapist and author.

Kevin: What are some of the biggest challenges that you’ve experienced with your work over the last 20-so years?

Gabriel: Well, it’s subtle. It’s just, quite enjoyable to see people heal. You just know that that’s what’s going to happen, but there’s a lot of mystery, too. And some people, there’s kind of a lot of karma that they’re playing out, in that they may not be healing, and so forth. But, mostly people do really well. The challenges come, of getting people, even though they’ve healed, everything is going well, but, in the end, they slip back into the culture of death. They don’t quite get it, you know? You’ve got to really just keep working on people, to reinforce that they have to kind of live this way. It’s like, “You mean, I can’t go back to having sugar and high fruit?” “No, that’s what I mean.” You want to stay healed from diabetes, you just healed, you just reversed the process. You can’t go back the way you were going, because you’ll recreate it again. And people just don’t get it, there’s like a block. It really takes time. For many people it takes years. They heal, it’s dramatic, they see results, their blood sugar goes from over 400 on medication to 88 without medication in three weeks and it’s like, “You just did what people call impossible. We call it pretty natural.” And then three months later, four months later, they start going back the other way. You can’t do that. So it’s interesting to see how hard it is for people to let go of their food habits.

Kevin: How does someone deal with their beliefs on eating? Because that seems to be the challenge, that there’s a certain belief system.

Gabriel: Well, it’s a certain belief system and a certain habit system. And all we can do while we do the 21 days is, it’s so rapid, it’s so powerful, that you can’t deny it.

Kevin: Right.

Gabriel: But nevertheless people say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s great…” and then they slip because we’re surrounded by the shadow of the culture of death. That’s really what we’re talking about. You just have to live with that. What we’re teaching isn’t for everybody but take diabetics, 2% you’re talking about 1.6 million people. That’s huge! So if we can help 1.6 million people in the United States. We think we’re going to get even more results when we have some governments behind it, in South America, Central America.

We already have one hospital in Dubai who is really interested. It’s horrendous that it’s gone from 25% to 32%. That means basically we have a dysfunctional population. They can’t function. It’s like, whoa!

Kevin: What’s causing it?

Gabriel: Well, when I talk to different Arab people who have some insight, different medical people, basically it’s the high sugar. High sugar is number one and number two is lamb. Yemen. We can look at Yemen. Yemen had a diet that was pretty much 85% animal meat, fat, whatever, lamb, but the lowest in sugar. It didn’t really have diabetes. Add sugar and 20 years later, boom, you have an outbreak of diabetes. Sugar is number one. It’s so big in the Arab world, sugar is big. Why?



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