Did He Dump You? 4 Key Reasons Why He Left You!

I know for a fact that when he dumped you he took your heart with him when he walked out that door. I’ve been there done that! And, if this has happened, you can bet it was for a darn good reason or reasons.

You know there are many reasons why a man will leave his woman and to be honest a man doesn’t usually leave a relationship easily. Frankly, they’d rather put up with a mediocre relationship than go out searching for a new one. This a very true fact.

However, it does happen and when it does it is usually because of things that he requires from you and the relationship, but isn’t getting. Although, you probably saw all the signs, you ignored them! Why? Probably because you didn’t want to believe it was happening and put yourself into a state of denial.

For instance, I have a sister who was married for 30 years and for about the last 15 of those years she ignored all the classic signs that her marriage was failing. Some pointed this out to her but she refused to listen and ignored all those who were trying to help her see the signals, instead she didn’t do anything to rectify the situation.

So, one day she came home from work and he flat out told her their marriage was over and that he was leaving her because he no longer loved or wanted to be with her. Just like that, it was all over. And, no he didn’t leave her for another woman, he got a new girlfriend after he left.

To say the least, she was devastated and even to this day she still can’t accept the fact she contributed to his leaving her, she blames him. Plus, she still thinks he’s going to come back. Talk about denial, it’s already been 13 years.

Honestly, I think he would have left her years before, Reasons Why I Love You but he waited until their youngest child was out on his own before he ended it. People need to realize that each and every one of us has a point of no return and when it’s reached, well let’s just say that the fat lady is singing!

So, here are 4 key reasons why he left you, these are the same reasons my brother-in-law left my sister:

1. She fell into the category of becoming too comfortable and predictable in the relationship. She’d do the same things every day and nothing changed. This is a major no-no. Men like to be kept on their toes and surprised every now and then to keep things fresh and alive.

2. She’d stay up late after he went to bed and usually fell asleep on the couch watching TV and the intimacy between them dropped immensely. I don’t know about you, but to me intimacy is an integral part of any relationship.

3. She stopped caring how she looked, after every child, they had three, she packed on the pounds and did nothing to lose the weight and then she stopped wearing makeup and getting dressed up for any occasion.

Keeping your appearance up is important not only to keep him interested, but for your own self-esteem.

4. When they first got married they did almost everything together, but eventually they started doing things apart and soon everything they did was with someone else and not each other.

I’m not saying you have to be tied to one another, but you should have stuff in common that gets you out doing things together, besides dinner and a movie.

I’ve only scratched the surface of reasons why a man will leave and those listed above are just a few of the mistakes she made, at least the ones I observed through the years. Please don’t get me wrong, my brother-in-law was not Mr. Perfect by any means, he did his fair share of letting the marriage die too. But, this article is about why men leave women and the not the other way around.

It does take two to tango, but if you’re the one who got dumped then it usually falls on those shoulders and not the one who dumped you. Frankly, men and women want the same things in a relationship just in a different order and then it’s up to both partners to make sure it doesn’t become stagnant.



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